About Us

Ned Downey President & CEO

Edward Downey – President & Founder

Global Movers & Logistics Network  (GMLN) was formed to give home removal companies, freight forwarders, brokers, and logistics companies involved in moving personal cargo and commercial goods a choice of professional partners to represent their businesses worldwide. We like to think of our network as a Global shopping center for all modes of transport, with the philosophy of keeping membership and the multi modal services offered by our membership, all under one roof.

As President of GMLN and with over 36 years experience in home relocation’s, logistics, freight forwarding, customs clearance, Import & Export operations, air, road and sea, my objective has been to create this NETWORK which is the vehicle and driving force in bringing companies involved in these services together. When we share our business with partners in the network, we create growth and profitability for all our membership.

We will meet at our yearly conferences, and members will get the opportunity to discuss their business needs and requirements with other members of the network.Opportunities will arise for every individual member and this will be the stepping stone for companies within GMLN to progress their own individual company needs and requirements. During our conference, each company will have the opportunity to meet formally at face to face meetings of twenty minutes in duration, having pre-arranged their own individual meetings with the assistance of GMLN`s online one2one meeting scheduler.

GMLN provides a platform of opportunities bringing together the professionalism and expertise of its members that have qualified credentials in the services they offer. We are committed to delivering excellence, by providing you with the right partners at Airports and Seaports worldwide. Networks are formed to give companies a global reach which would otherwise be difficult to access without the local knowledge of partners operating in these markets. You will agree that every trade must have the proper tools to work with and GMLN provides those tools along with strategic partners in every country so that its members can collectively deliver comprehensive end-to-end services by Air, Road and Sea.

To survive in our specific transport and logistic sectors, companies must provide a diverse range of services. These include Trucking, Heavy Lift, International Freight Forwarding, niche markets such as Home removals, Exhibition services, and Pet transportation services. Members also provide and offer Packing services, Project management services, door to door services, customs clearance at origin and at destination. We must adopt a large supermarket chain mentality, by providing a “One Stop Shop” where clients can find many different types of transportation services, all under one roof.  As President of “World Removals Network Limited & Global Movers & Logistics Network ” I am providing and facilitating this model.

GMLN will deliver and add value to your company`s profile. Our emphasis will always be about “People “. Companies growth depends on People. By joining GMLN NETWORK we will ensure you meet, the right people.

If we do not have a member in a country which you wish to do business in. GMLN will recommend a well respected Agent / Partner, whom we know, from our extensive worldwide data base that will help and work with you. So we are offering real value for money and will continue to work for our members and their expectations.

Our current annual membership fee is Euro 695.00 OR  790.00 USD 

Investing in GMLN is investing in your organisations growth.

Contact edward@gmlnetwork.com to discuss your membership requirements.

We want members to join our network and we need your support at every conference. Our conference provides a unique opportunity to meet “people” involved in your industry and for you to build key relationships which will be beneficial to the growth of your company’s long term future strategies. It will also be the perfect opportunity to bring families or friends and combine a business trip with a vacation.

Born in Dublin, I am proud of being Irish. I have traveled most of the world and appreciate the efforts and costs involved in travelling. When you travel you are lucky to be getting an opportunity that many people never have. I look forward to meeting all our members and new friends. This is a business about people and without people there is no business. The world economies have experienced many downturns in recent years, and its important now more then ever to promote and advertise your companies services. We all need growth because without it there is no real future. Please remember that business will not come to you, you must get out there and grab it with both hands. Joining Global Movers & Logistics Network is your first step along this path, so take this opportunity and help grow your own business. Register today to become a member and enjoy the benefits of seeing your business grow. Recently I read a slogan which said ” Some people see “Cardboard boxes been packed with goods”, but we see a HOME. Let us build a better future, and make GMLN your home.

Be part of the process or be left behind.