GMLN : IS CHANGING ITS NAME TO -WRN – World Removals Network

WRN – World Removals Network will replace the name of GMLN – Global Movers & Logistics Network.

This is happening because we have decided to keep our Movers Network separate for members who only wish to work with Home Removal Companies. The logistics & Freight Forwarding part of our network business is been catered for under our new Logistics network name WLN – World Logistics Network, in an effort to separate the two very different and distinctive functions performed by the two categories. However we are also mindful that with some companies they offer both  a Home Removals and International freight forwarding and logistics service, and these companies wish to partner with members of both networks. By doing this we feel we are giving our members the choice to do business with either network and therefore a platform to promote their own individual niche market businesses.

Keeping focused is not always easy. With the right people and partners in the right place you can achieve success in many ways. Let WRN – World Removals Network and WLN – World Logistics Network be your link and your network partners. Watch and see our friend Matt, how he gets people to dance together.   Can you dance…???? Let us network and partner by working as a team. This video shows why and how happy people work well together. Take the first step..!!

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