GMLN Objective

Global Movers & Logistics Network


The Global Movers & Logistics Network (GMLN) was formed to give home removal companies, freight forwarders, customs brokers, niche market and logistics companies involved in moving personal cargo and commercial goods a choice of professional partners to represent their businesses worldwide. Effectively a global shopping centre for all modes of transport, GMLN’s philosophy is to keep membership and the multimodal services offered by its membership, all under one roof.

Strategic Focus

Developing, connecting and serving a rich diversity of members representing all modes of transport defines the strategic focus of GMLN. The primary objective being to create business opportunities on a global basis through the achievement of client services and by providing exceptional standards.


Specific Objectives

Facilitating access to a rich diversity of professional partners on a global basis;

Development of strong liaison/partnerships with modal leaders and key industry players;

Tracking of key national and international policy and regulatory developments;

Timely dissemination of international best practice.

      Delivering on Objectives

Building a vibrant and actively managed network responsive to members needs;

Organizing GMLN Annual Conference – providing opportunities to build key relationships across the network and with modal players; facilitating discussion on the latest developments; and, the sharing of best international practice;

Establishing special interest groups as required, facilitating discussion of concerns/developments/opportunities in the general removals, logistics and niche market industry;

Regionally based structure envisaged – facilitating debate/discussion on essentially regional issues/opportunities.


Currently stands at 25 members across 21 countries representing Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East and Oceania;