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By registering your company on  - "Global Movers & Logistics Network" website, you are signing up to become a member of " GMLN" and other related & associated International Logistics Sectors that are part of the GMLN & World Removals Network Limited, group of companies. You are agreeing to the terms of membership as set out by the Board Of Directors of the network, and you are also agreeing to be part of a world wide network whose membership goals, are to increase business for its membership by sharing business with each other. Working with members at both ends of the logistics chain, means each member will share in the profit of that movement, at export origin and at destination. We should be mindful that consigning goods to our fellow GMLN members, keeps the business within the network. This in turn helps grow the network, and affords our membership the opportunity to share in the business and profit margins arrived at. Our purpose and goal is, to have members in every country working  at Airports & Seaports as if it were their own office at origin and destination. Share your business among approved members if you want to receive business in return.   "Our Philosophy"and road map for the future growth of our network is "Strength In Numbers & Global Locations ". We are continually building our networks on a Global basis. We want professional and forward thinking people to share in our network success.  Success is a frame of mind and being positive in both our personal life and business life will take us half way on that journey. This next video demonstrates the meaning of  positivity.  See  the impact  Happy People have on all of us. Being part of a positive and forward thinking network will help you grow your business.  Enjoy the music, the team work, and the locations:  > 

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Remember there are two  types of membership free and "FULL PAID". Only full paid members have access to other members contact details. We recommend you sign up for FULL membership at a cost of Euro 695.00 or USD 790.00 to receive FULL benefits of membership.  This includes direct access to our Insurance  underwriters. When you are accepted by them, you can offer your clients global insurance and expect to make margins on each insurance transaction well in excess of 100%. Remember GMLN arranges its conference once a year and all members and associated industry sectors, are invited to participate in a conference where people meet people at one2one meetings. Our network is for all transport industry sectors and we encourage our niche market members to work with other members in an effort to grow the GMLN brand and Philosophy. " Strength In Numbers & Global Locations".